Friday, March 18, 2005

About Course

Friday, March 18, 2005

Near Coco FL, N28 18.009 W080 41.752

The north winds last night and this morning were cold and relentless. Tarwathie can only make 1-3 knots against such a strong wind. We assessed our progress toward Jacksonville. We completed 100 miles in 3 days and there remained 125 miles to go. It became clear that it would be faster and more pleasant to return south on the waterway to exit at Canaveral or Fort Pierce.

So we reversed course and returned south nearly to Melbourne today. Twice as fast as it took to go north against wind and current.

Anyhow, next Tuesday sounds like the first good day to sail north out at sea. Waiting for weather is tough. Don’t know what changes in plans this may precipitate.

The number 2 battery failed last night. I tried the battery switch on the #2 position and everything went dark. Oh well, the surveyor warned me that the batteries were 3 years old and due for replacement. I’m planning on buying two gel-cell batteries tomorrow.

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