Thursday, March 24, 2005

End of This Chapter

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Jacksonville FL, N30 24.35 W081 30.61

I have a small mystery. Perhaps one of you can explain it. Both Libby and I noticed that our fingertips felt strange. Upon examination they have a waxy polished look and it appears as if our fingerprints have been completely worn off. Too bad I don’t have a crime on the shelf; now would be the perfect time to pull it off.

Libby really wants to be home for Easter with the kids. It may be our last Easter together with them. Reluctantly I had to admit that our slow progress northward was too little to reach our intermediate goals of Deal, MD or Charleston, SC.

We rowed the dingy over to a small marina nearby. I wanted to ask about hauling the boat so that I could paint the bottom. The answer was no, but he did have a slip open at a bargain price (about $200/month which is about half the going rate not to mention that there are no free slips in Florida.) Asking around some more, I found that the only place that would let me haul and paint was another 50 miles inland up the St. Johns River. I don’t want to go that far up the river. When we resume our trip later we’d have to motor 50 miles back to the sea.

I decided to take the offer on the slip, and that’s were we are right now. Libby is flying back to Albany tomorrow the 25th and I’m coming one day later. We’ll return in May to resume the trip up to the Mohawk.

Oh well at least I’m motivated to get my work done in West Charlton. I have exterior and interior painting and repairs to do. I have to sell stuff on Ebay and sell 2 cars. When things are done, I can return to Tarwathie. This already feels like home and West Charlton doesn’t.

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