Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another day in Paradise

Isle La Haut, N 44 03.223 W 68 38.777

We were supposed to sail to Bar Harbor today but a funny thing happened. The beauty of Moore's Harbor where we are anchored is just too much. We compared that to what we have been reading about the Bar Harbor region -- crowded harbors, watch out for cruise ships, tourist trolleys, crowds. There can be no beauty there that surpasses where we are right now. It was no contest. Once again, and for the fourth time, we will stop short of Bar Harbor because we enjoy it right where we are.

Rowing across the harbor this morning, I saw a seal poke his head up in the dinghy's wake. He must have been wondering what the noise was. He turned around, saw me close, started, and quickly dove back in the water.

We spent most of the day reading books, and beachcombing. I found a collection of lobster trap buoys to give to someone for decorations. I also found lots of pieces of strong rope on the shore. I used some of them to practice splicing, then I made up a new strong painter for the dinghy out of several short lengths spliced together. I also made a small shell collection to show to the grandkids. It is great fun wading in the shallows because of all the plant and animal life that lives there.
This evening after supper I was sitting out in the cockpit. I heard a splash behind me. I turned my head to look and I saw a osprey lifting off the water with a fish in his claws. Just as he flew behind our stern, I heard a sharp screech and the osprey dropped the fish and the eagle swooped by. Then the eagle flew off to the shore, perched on the top a tree, and gave out several more screeches. I think that it was a dominance thing. The eagle didn't want the osprey to have that fish.

Heaven aside, the word paradise is used most frequently with reference to tropical places. I love the tropics but I think that the colder climes offer much more beauty. Maine is wonderful. Lake Champlain, and the Baltic in Sweden and Finland, were also wonderful. Norway was stunningly beautiful According to the tales, the waters of British Columbia offer even more of a paradise. I hope to sail there sometime, and to sail to New Zealand too. I vote for temperate paradises over tropical paradises. Nevertheless, we'll soon head south to avoid the cold of winter.

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