Monday, November 20, 2006

Holed Up

Mimim Creek, South Carolina, N 33 11.626 W 79 16.670

Monday, November 20, 2006

I understated how bad the weather would be yesterday. Now they are saying that the storm will arrive here then become stationary for an indefinite period of time. Yuck. At least we have a secure place to stay. We are on a creek to the side of the ICW. We are tied to a pier that seems to belong to a plantation and used to load/unload cargo. Fortunately, the plantation seems inactive for the winter. I don't think anyone will bother us for using it without permission.

Last night Libby got sick. She has flu-like symptoms and an upset stomach. That discourages me from continuing on to Charleston because it would have meant that I would have had to stand watch for 16 hours without a break. Instead we put in to Winyah Bay and headed for Georgetown SC. We arrived at the ICW intersection around 0330. I decided not to continue 7 more miles to Georgetown because we would have to wait until 0800 to find out if there was an open space on a mooring or at a slip. Considering how the marinas tend to be fully booked when a storm comes, I wasn't optimistic. We continued down the ICW south 10 more miles before finding this place. Weather permitting, I hoped to move us down the ICW to Charleston on Wednesday and to go outside again on Thursday. Now, the latest forecast says that we have to wait an additional 24 hours. Oh well. The good news is that Libby feels better this afternoon.

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