Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Temporary New Home

Vero Beach Marina, N 27.66247 -80.37239

Well, Marathon it's not, but Vero Beach may be a nice place for our second choice.
We're on a mooring at the municipal marina. It cost us $401 for 30 days -- not cheap. On the other hand, this place is only one mile from a nice Atlantic Beach. They also have a free shuttle bus that takes you around town. There are lots of stores and things around reachable by that bus. There is WiFi (although for some strange reason it didn't work for me yet.) The harbor is full of cruisers so we'll have people to socialize with.

There will be a pot luck dinner at the marina on Christmas day. We know because we spent Christmas Day here last year. In any case, it appears that we'll have a nice time for the 30 days. After that, the new engine should be here. We got here under motor and sail. We had to add water to the day tank as we went. There's a coolant leak someplace that I can't locate. I hear it drip drip under the oil pan, but all the hoses and fittings appear dry. It may be leaking from the block since we just recently had the engine apart. The leak rate does not seem to change whether the engine is running or not. Perhaps I'll get on the shuttle bus and ride to a place where there's an auto parts store and buy a can of radiator stop leak.

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