Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Titusville, Florida, N 28.62567 W 80.80670

We're going to stay around here for a few days in hopes of seeing the space shuttle launch.
Yesterday we had to fight our way out of the anchorage behind the RR bridge. The anchorage itself was fine. It was sheltered, and the depths were as charted. However, there is a sandbar that built up around the entrance to the anchorage. On the way in it was very tight and we had only about 2 inches of depth to spare. On the way out, we weren't so lucky. After a couple of tries to find a channel out, we went aground.
The remedy was the familiar kedging routine. This time it took about 20 minutes to get us afloat once again. Who would have thought that only a few dozen blogs back I was boasting about going more than six months without running aground. Ha.
A local lady told us what to expect when the shuttle launches from 10 miles (16 clicks) away. First you see the light. Then comes the sound. Third comes the ripple patterns in the water caused by the sound? or by the ground transmitted mini quake? I'm not sure which.

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