Monday, January 15, 2007

I Can't Believe He Read The Whole Thing

Vero Beach

Two weeks ago I got an email from Dean Chapman. Dean was a friend retired from Niagara Mohawk that I met at the NYISO. Dean and I worked together on my last project. Dean had just heard about our blog and wrote to say hello.

A week later I got a second email from Dean. He said, "I have spent every spare moment in the past week reading the entire blog history of your adventures, starting with your departure from NYISO. It is a fascinating and entertaining story. You really need to compile it into a book and publish it. "

Of course flattery is always welcome. Thanks for the kind words Dean. Actually I'm amazed that he read all of the blog articles. There are 470 of them out there.

Be assured that I maintain an archive of back blog articles (including a backup) and that I have thought about turning them into a book someday. The logical problem is when or where to end the book?

My son David also wrote from Kuwait. He said, "Do you notice that people call you or email you less often because they feel like they are in constant touch via the blog?" Yes, it's true and it works two ways. When I write to the blog I feel that I am reaching out to touch my friends and family, even though I can't say for sure who will read the articles or when.

Too bad they didn't invent blogs a long time ago. I created a personal web site in 1994, but it took an awful lot of work to write content for it. I had to do all the HTML by hand. As a result, the amount of content I posted there was small.

For another outstanding blog-like idea check out this site. This man took a picture of himself and each family member once per year. The sequence of pictures documents the appearance of family members from youth to old age. What a great idea. I wish I had one for our family. I recommend that everyone of you with kids should start doing it, even if you don't have the pictures starting at birth.

If you want to get rich as a dot com king, start a company to make doing this easy for people. They could get started with scanned photos from their family album. The site could help edit the pictures to make the size, crop and lighting appear similar year to year.

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