Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Risks Unaccounted For

Vero Beach

We got bad news yesterday from Bud Taplin. Bud is Mr. Westsail and he offered to help us install the new engine if we bought it from him. Yesterday, Bud said that our new Beta engine will arrive two days too late to meet the time window that he had available to help us. After that, Bud is away on a trip until late February. Oh no!

Oh no! We chose to do it this way because the installation would be nearly zero risk with Bud's help. I didn't think to account for the risk of a delay such as this.

So now what do we do? We have Bud's complete instructions and the parts to install it ourselves, but I don't feel adequate for that without a mechanic's help. Therefore I'm shopping for a local mechanic who is (a) experienced, (b) willing to work on a Beta, (c) available in the next few weeks. I got turned down by one this morning. We'll keep trying.

Worst case, we may have to wait here in Vero yet another month. :-(

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