Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Almost Ready To Go

Vero Beach

The day after tomorrow we should leave for Fort Pierce and the engine project. Last minute headaches are hindering (but not stopping us)

  • Bud Taplin is still out of the country. We want to finialize when and where to meet and to make motel reservations for him. Hopefully, tomorrow we'll get in touch.

  • I have been counting on Sea Tow to tow us down to Fort Pierce. We pay $139/year for an unlimited towing membership to Sea Tow. I just called them. They said that so-called dock-to-dock non-emergency towing is covered only in my home port. Since I don't have a home port, they want $200/hour to do it.

    I'm sorely disappointed to say the least. There's nothing like an insurance claim for something you thought was covered only to have the insurance company tell you no. They charged me the same fee as people who do have a home port and who do get the dock-to-dock coverage. What I got could be described as dick-to-dock.

    I checked the Boat-US competitive towing package. It doesn't include the dock-to-dock service at all.

    I'll try to get down there one way or the other without the tow. It might make for an interesting trip and an interesting blog article.

  • Today I rode in the dinghy. We now have a motor so the oars were stowed inboard. I made the mistake of sitting on them. Both oars broke. I just ordered new ones to pick up at the Fort Pierce West Marine store. Sigh.

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