Saturday, February 10, 2007

Trip Report

Orlando International Airport

Well, at this moment Libby is putting Marilyn on the plane back to Albany. It was a good week and,

We had three days with Marilyn. One at Disney. One day exploring and shopping around Cocoa Florida, and one day to visit her (and my) brother Ed and his family. It was the first time in many years that Marilyn got to Disney, and the first time in four years that she saw her brother Ed.

The high point of the trip was the breakfast with Mickey Mouse. It was amazing to see how excited and happy the characters made all the kids, and Marilyn reacted just like the kids did. She squealed with delight. The picture above is from the breakfast.

Marilyn does not have a lot of physical endurance so we ended the Disney theme park tour at 2 in the afternoon. It made for an easy day. It also helped that the crowds were very light. There were many more adults with no kids at Disney than there were familys with kids.

The best story I have from the stay at Disney came from Thursday morning as we were walking back to our room after breakfast. Many of the people we met on the path wore big badges around their necks. The badges identify the person or the group that they belong to. Almost everyone you see there appears very relaxed and happy. I noticed one man though who didn't fit the pattern. He stormed deliberately down the path in a big hurry and with a very stern look on his face. As he passed, I noticed his badge. It said in big block letters -- GERMAN. I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing in his face.

Here we are at Eds. Sally, Marilyn, Libby, Kristi, Ed, and Dick.

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