Monday, June 25, 2007

The Easy Life

Main Street Park, St. Albans, Vermont

Ah. Most people would say that Libby and I really live the easy life on board Tarwathie. True is it an easy life, but not the easy life. The easy life is out on Burton Island.

Yesterday we had an extended family group of 22 people, 12 adults and 10 kids. Our activities for the day were to eat breakfast, walk around the island, swim, play Frisbee, play volleyball, make 2, 343,568 trips to excort a kid to the bathroom, cook dinner, and then listen as John read the Jean Shepard story about Ludlow Kissel and the Dago Bomb that Struck Back, before going to bed. Now, that is the easy life. You might be able to tell from my writing that we like it on Burton Island.

Needless to say, Libby is in seventh heaven with so much family and children around us. Family contact is the one thing we miss most in our cruising life.

Today I'm on a mission. Besides coming ashore to post a blog, I have to buy missing items from the grocery store. It's not so onerous. I first drove to the library to use their WiFi signal, but alas, they didn't have any WiFi. Therefore, I walked to this park in the center of town, sat on a bench by the fountain and presto I found 14 WiFi signals. Ain't technology great.

Saint Albanians at the Park

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