Tuesday, April 01, 2008

E Commerce

Vero Beach Public Library

E-commerce is the reason why we have to stay in Vero Beach for a while. At least that's my excuse. Actually, we've spent so much time here that it embarrasses me and makes me search for an excuse.

Yesterday I ordered a number of things essential for the boat. I ordered new anchor chain, new zincs, a backup VHF whip antenna, and Slimy Grimy. It will take some time for all that stuff to arrive, so we need a fixed address for a while.

Yesterday I also ran in to George and Jackie on Sea Otter II, and I heard from Ray and Pat on Reflection. Reflection is on its way to Vero. Add that to the crews of Zaftra, Blue Topaz and Twin Spirits that I mentioned before, and I see that we are going to have a very full social calendar while we're here.

My anchor chains had lost their galvanizing zinc coating and turned rusty. I wanted to replace them a year ago, but I didn't. This year, the rusting has accelerated dramatically. Every time we lay the chain on deck it makes a mess of rust dust. I have 50' of chain on our Danforth (secondary) rode, and 225' of chain on our CQR (primary) rode. That's 275 feet of 5/16" chain -- a lot.

I shopped for chain and I got sticker shock. I found prices as high as $4.50 per foot, plus shipping. I found a better price, $2.00 per foot, and ordered the chain yesterday from a company in Ft. Lauderdale for $550.00 total.

I'm afraid I wasn't thinking clearly. First, I accepted their quote for $299 for shipping. Last night, it occurred to me that I could rent a car and drive to Ft. Lauderdale much cheaper. I called them this morning and changed the order. The man told me that if I called 5 minutes later, that it would have already shipped.

Next, as I looked up the address, I note that the full name of the company is Best Marine Imports. Uh Oh. I wonder if imported chain will be as good quality as American made chain. I hope so, because now I'm committed. This is a big investment.

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