Friday, December 11, 2009

Google Dashboard

Vero Beach

Google seems to invent new services and features every week. Libby and I own stock in Google so we take delight in reading their news every week.

One new feature is Google Dashboard. It lets you see what private information Google has about your, and even to change or erase their records of you.

Just for fun, I looked up my Googling history for a day a year or so ago. I must confess that it makes me sound like I have ADD.
I wonder if you could psychoanalyze someone based on their search history.

Nov 23, 2008
1:03pm Searched for fairhaven ma library
12:05pm Searched for word usage - Viewed 1 result

11:38am Searched for newport nh
11:36am Searched for fairhaven ma library
10:40am Searched for link 10 battery - Viewed 1 result
Owner's Manual Link 10 Xantrex Link 10 Battery Monitor -
10:08am Searched for xantrex - Viewed 1 result
Xantrex Technology Inc. -
10:08am Searched for link 10 battery
7:50am Searched for singular value decompsition - Viewed 1 result
Singular value decomposition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
5:08pm Searched for NIMH batteries - Viewed 1 result
All Rechargeable Battery -
8:30am Searched for
8:22am Searched for fear of long words
1:01pm Ludwig Boltzmann - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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