Monday, December 21, 2009


Vero Beach

Les P sent the comment below on my article about Weather Windows. I think he too enjoyed a bit of controversy caused by his provocative comments.


Loved your comments..I always do! I thought this thread would get some interesting feedback. As far as my exploits, I'm actually a very conservative cruiser. First, I wouldn't be offshore in a boat I didn't feel was up to the task. I know your Westsail certainly is. I also would never go without competent crew, the more days offshore, the more crew I would want along. I do watch the forecasts for weather that might be beyond my comfort one wants to get beaten up knowlingly. And, as far as my cruising resume is covers half a century and is certainly longer than many folks.

Love to read your posts Dick! do look a lot like Saint Nick.

Merry Christmas...Les P

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