Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mystery Package

Vero Beach, FL

The other day we got a mysterious package in the mail. It contained a gift from my sister Nancy. Nancy had arranged it with our former neighbor Barb. Barb has her own business making decorative cookies. Nancy is also very clever in finding gifts that don't use up our precious room onboard Tarwathie.

As you can see below, Barb is very creative. We especially liked the W32 cookie (bottom row) and the one showing a little laptop displaying this blog (top right). Very creative indeed. It also took some homework because Barb scanned the archives of this blog to get ideas for all the cookies.

The only downside to such a gift is that it makes us feel guilty to eat them. But if you don't eat them, what's the point?

Thank you Nancy and thank you Barb.

I included Barb's business card to give her a plug.

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