Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hudson Crossing Park, Schuylerville, NY
43 06.83 N 073 31.70 W

As many times as we've been up and down the Hudson, we never stopped in Schuylerville before. This time, we heard from people we met in Vergennes about this nice park that they are building near lock 5. The park has a public dock and that's where we're spending the night.

The world is getting smaller. No sooner had we tied up here, than another sailboat came by heading north. It was a couple from Shelburne Vermont that we met a month ago. Then, walking around in the park we struck up a conversation with a man who is building a stone gate pillar. "I know you two," he said, "We met at Valcour Island a month ago." True enough, we did.

Tomorrow we'll get to Waterford and we plan to stay there over the weekend.

Back to Schuylerville: We took a walk around the village. It was a bit of a disappointment. Schuylerville is a very historic place and it used to be charming. Now it is another decaying downtown.

To be sure, upstate New York is part of the so-called rust belt. Economic times are not good here and the state government is very hostile toward business. Therefore, urban decay should not be surprising. Still, some places, Saugerties for example, seem to thrive in the midst of all that decay. If someone could isolate the secret and bottle it, it would be worth billions.

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  1. Too late - you are likely gone - there is a great liquor store in Schuylerville that has wines none of us can find anywhere else. There is a particularly nice Malbec in a box called Mantis. Schuylerville has had some ups and downs lately - this summer it looked more down than up. Sorry. I do love knowing exactly where you are and can picture it in my mind! cheers, Nica on Calypso


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