Friday, October 01, 2010

No Doubt

Liberty State Park, NJ
40 41.69 N 074 03.77 W

Nobody this planet can doubt where we're anchored tonight. Look carefully at the green object sticking up in the sky at the left.

Today was a miserable day as the long tail of storm Nicole passed. Blustery, chilly and wet. The winds were fine for departure for Norfolk, but the seas were still 13 feet. We decided to wait till tomorrow to give the seas a chance to settle down.

I intended anchoring at Sandy Hook, NJ tonight but I totally misjudged the distance. After getting underway around 1230 I programmed a waypoint for Sandy Hook. To my surprise, it said 37 nautical miles to go. I guess my head still isn't around how big the NY metropolitan area is. It is even 11 miles from the George Washington Bridge to The Statue Of Liberty.

We admired New York as we passed by just at rush hour: 1700. I remarked that there were 25 million people out there, all on the move as work got out. Yet from the river, we couldn't see a single person. Sure enough we saw cars, trucks and boats. The sidewalks of NY must have been teeming with humanity but we couldn't see them. Libby and I made a game of it. We saw a total of four people. Two jogging two walking dogs. If a SF writer put that in a book, we wouldn't believe him.

Anyhow, the sky and the sunset are particularly beautiful looking out over Tony Soprano territory near Newark Airport. That sounds incongruous doesn't it? By the way, if you watch the opening film that starts each episode of The Sopranos, you'll see a glimpse of where Tarwathie is right now.

Tomorrow at 0558, the tide should turn and help propel us out through the Verrazano Narrows.

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  1. Sorry to hear of the tough passage. Glad your now safe and sound!

    Fair winds,


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