Saturday, October 30, 2010

Proud (Grand)Parents

Beaufort, SC
32 25.24 N 080 39.69 W

I continue to be shy regarding blogging about family business rather than our cruising life. I guess I'm a reject for the Facebook generation. However I can't resist posting the picture below. We're fiercely proud and happy for these three fine young men.

David, Nick, John

I also have to say that every time I have contact with the US military, with or without family, I come away tremendously impressed.

A critical part of our military prowess is the very effective propaganda machine that we run. It convinces parents, especially mothers, to willingly send their sons to war and convinces the rest of the public to give our soldiers the support they need to succeed.

Most important though, and really the point, is that would be enemies of America stand no chance if these guys are out to get you.

Graduation on The Parade Ground

p.s. Check out the fascinating story of this new parade ground here.

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