Saturday, October 23, 2010


Myrtle Beach, SC
33 40.853 079 02.47 W

We had a great reunion with Ray and Pat yesterday. They drove us to their campground where their RV was. They are here to attend a rally of Carriage brand RVs.

It gave us the opportunity to peek into the life style of "land cruisers" as opposed to "water cruisers" like us. It's really very similar. The life style and the kind of people one meets in each circle are substantially alike.

We ended the evening by watching a fireworks display on the beach. It was great with the brilliant full moon behind the firewords and illuminating the nearly still surface of the sea.

This morning, I captured an unusual picture (below). It is a moonset (not moonrise) over Osprey Marina. The picture was snapped about 5 minutes before sunrise, thus illustrating that the moon was 10 hours beyond being exactly full.

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