Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ready. Set. ---

Saint Catherine Island
31 40.61 N 081 09.56 W

We're still holed up waiting for the opportunity to go offshore.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, sounds promising.

Well, we're past Savannah, past Fields Cut and Hell Gate (two of the
most troublesome shoaling spots on the ICW). Right now, we're
anchored near Saint Catherine Island GA. It is a beautiful island
with a nice sand beach and wild horses. Some years ago, we took our
dinghy ashore and walked those beaches. Not today though, it's cold
and blustery.

The extent of the salt marshes in Georgia is very impressive. They
penetrate many miles inward from the coast.

In addition to the weather, I've been trying to wait out a bum knee.
Two weeks ago I got a case of tendinitis in my left knee. It was like
the problem I had with my achilles tendon in my heel two years ago.
It got better last week in time for our trip to Benning, but now it
flared up again even worse. It seems better today though. I think
rest plus preemptive use of ibuprofen is the best treatment. I know
that the alternative is worse; but getting old still sucks.

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