Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Vero Beach

Tarwathie is properly stayed again. No; not stay of execution. I mean her mast is properly supported with wires and tangs.

Bud Taplin sent the correct tangs and a new bolt and nut for the lower stays. We installed them today. This time the nylon lock nut is secured with Loktite and a safety wire.

We also retrieved our running backstays. We left them in Vermont last summer. Now we understand better why they're needed, we asked Jenny to send them. Those are installed and secured also.

We also have new tangs for the top of the mast. We'll install them the next time the mast is down.

No progress on the laptop. Michael suggested an alcohol bath. No difference. I'm suspecting the main on/off switch.

New family member today! My niece Kristi gave birth to Luke, her 2nd child. Congratulations to the proud parents.
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  1. before discarding the laptop trya wd40 bath. i use small digital recorders. they get run through the washing machine in my pocket when i forget. works every time. do it on the dock with a fire extinguisher handy. sparks!

  2. care to discuss the use of running backstays? I've always been a bit confused about them myself....


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