Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Pot Luck

Vero Beach

Look at that stupendous Thanksgiving feast spotlighted on the buffet tables. Who could possibly eat all that food?

This horde of hungry cruisers, that's who.

Here we are at our table with our friends. It was our luck in the lottery to be last in line at the buffet. Alas! There was only scraps left of the turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy. But there was a big surplus of bean casseroles. Too bad.

It just happened that in all previous pot luck dinners, we were closer to the front of the line. I was spoiled, having never experienced a shortage before.

Today I told Libby that in the future she should get involved with the pot luck sign up to prevent unbalances. She, being wiser than I said, "No. That would be too anal. Plot luck dinners almost always have unbalances. That's why they call them pot luck." She should have added "dummy" to the end of that sentence.
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