Tuesday, December 07, 2010

On The Move Again

Peck Lake, FL
27 06.87 N 080 08.62

Well, finally we left Vero this morning.   Hooray!  Sad!  It's always bittersweet to leave Vero.   We didn't leave early though because at first light the temperature was right about freezing.   Brrrrrr.  It's nice and sunny, but the night sky is also clear and the north wind is blowing.   We could have used it for an excuse to stay a few more days.  However, the weather forecast says that next Monday will be nasty and I want to be snug and secure in Boot Key Harbor by then.

Peck Lake sits between Port Saint Lucie and Jupiter.   It's a very pleasant place if you're staying a day.  One needs only to dinghy over to the ocean side shore, walk across the barrier dune and bingo, there's a beautiful and isolated beach.   Of course, tomorrow we're leaving early and it's far too cold for the beach anyhow.   It is one of the first places where I wrote about the veneer effect in past blogs.  We see only lovely nature here, but just behind the trees is a dense mass of humanity.

The winds and waves were perfect today for going outside at Fort Pierce.  However it's too cold.  I'm not going to expose Libby and I to offshore conditions in such bitterly cold weathler.  We're too old for that stuff.

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