Thursday, March 31, 2011

Abrupt Change

Miami, Venetian Causeway
25 47.31 N 080 10.49 W

This morning things were going fine.   We passed the ship channel at Miami around 0700, an hour ahead of schedule.   Before proceeding however, I checked the weather one more time.

Uh oh.  The marine forecast was seriously wrong.  It said winds 15-25 with isolated showers and thunderstorms.  I double checked it with civilian weather.  I used the Weather Bug app on my smart phone to look at the weather radar.  WOW!  Instead of isolated thunderstorms, there was a monster storm system almost as big as the whole state.  There were also tornado warnings going up.   This would not be a good day to be caught at sea.

I did an about face and returned 2-3 miles to Miami.  We're holed up today in the gap between the two Venetian Causeways.  It's a very well known spot.  If you watch CSI Miami you see it every week.

Still, I'm amazed at how wrong and unhelpful that marine forecast was.   Oh well, that's life.  We had no special reason to get to Fort Pierce today; it is just that the weather looked good.

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