Monday, March 28, 2011

Man, What A Stupid Stunt

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, FLT
34 42.54 N 081 05.58 W

I'm not afraid to confess my stupid stunts here on this blog. Yesterday I did a real doozy.

I had done a little fiberglass work. I used some resin/hardener bought at Home Depot. When I went to put it away, I found some remnants of West System epoxy resin/hardener left from years ago. I foolishly decided to consolidate the two. I poured the two hardeners together in one container. Immediately, it got hot and it exploded in my hand!

The hot liquid went everywhere; on me, on Libby, on the deck, on our canvas, on my clothes. It spattered my glasses (thank God I was wearing glasses.) Fortunately, it wasn't burning hot, nor terribly corrosive, nor permanently staining. I was able to clean up with acetone. Permanent damage was almost none.

Everything about that stunt was stupid. I have no excuses. What more can I say?


  1. Yep, dumb move.... Next time you ask mom to consolidate the tub of margarine with the tub of butter, please remember this exploding scenario :)

    ps glad you were not hurt!


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