Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holding Pattern

Fernandina Beach, Florida
30 43.14 N 081 32.78 W

I got lots of good comments and advice yesterday about my vibration problem.  Read the comments to yesterday's post.  

We're going ahead with the motor mount replacement without having a real resolution to the vibration problem.  What choice do we have?  I plan to consult with Bud Taplin and Stanley at Beta before proceeding.   

In any event, we'll be here in Fernandina most of the week.  We had dinner with Charlie & Mary last night (Thank you very much.)   Tomorrow we're meeting with Larry & Terri, and on Friday with Michael and Nancy.  That's a pretty full social calendar.  We love it.

After that?  We're not sure what.  Remnants of Hurricane Rita may pass here on Saturday bringing gale winds. Maybe not. Weather forecasts on Rita are very uncertain.   We sure hope that's the last named storm this year.

So far, we're still well ahead of the pack of cruisers heading south.  Many of them are restricted by their insurance policies to not go south of the Carolinas before November 1.

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