Thursday, March 22, 2012

Northward Ho

At Sea
25 04.82 N 081 18.37 N

We finally managed to depart from Marathon. It wasn't without incident. Just before raising anchor, there was a short, very intense, rain squall. Then it seemed to clear and we slipped our lines. Then, of course, another squall came through.

We passed under that sagging wire with much trepidation. It seems that yesterday's report of a 61 foot mast making it safely under was doubted by many. There was still a bunch or boats afraid to leave. We were the first. We got under OK.

Another boat hailed us on the VHF. Did we make it OK? Yes. How tall is our mast? 47' Disappointment. They wanted me to report that I made it with a 65 foot mast. Could we estimate the clearance? I asked Libby. She said we cleared by several feet. That could mean anything from 2 to 20 feet clearance. Sorry people, I can't help more.

But now we're flying. Out in the Gulf of Florida. Winds at 20 just behind the beam. Tarwathie is doing 7 knots and she's very happy. The sun is bright. The water is a lovely lime green. We have an escort from a pod of dolphins. Seas in Florida Bay are very small when winds are easterly, so the sailing is fast and comfortable. It doesn't get much better than that.

Our plan is to sail overnight and to arrive in Fort Meyers in the morning.


  1. Looking forward to when you get to Catskill and I enjoy your blog.
    Lyle Ecker.

  2. Safe Sailing, see you in NC!
    dave and cathy


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