Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Lumberjack

En Route, ICW near Flagler Beach
29 28.81 N 081 08.09 W

Last summer, our daughter Jenny took a tree cutting course. You see her in the picture below. Now, beside her many other talents, she can rightfully claim to be a lumberjack.  She doesn't look anything at all like the other lumberjacks I've seen.

Jenny is also learning several other new skills and also learning about muscles she never knew about but which ache, in her newest project. Jenny and her friend Christian bought an unused library building from the City of Winooski. They are converting it to a single family dwelling. Their target finish date is this summer. It's a cool project and it is attracting attention in Vermont. It not only recycles something beloved, but they are making it a green building too. That sits well with Burlington area locals.

Have a look at Jenny's web site here  Sift through the history of the project.  It's fun an interesting.

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