Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Southern Comfort

Beaufort, SC
32 25.84 N 080 40.30 W

To me, no coastal city carries more suggestion of the old south than Beaufort.  Maybe it is the thick accent of the natives.  Maybe it is the beautiful antebellum architecture of the homes.  Maybe it is the laid back attitude.  Whatever; it works.  

There's not much to do in Beaufort than to relax and look around.  That's exactly what we're doing.

The whole island here was inundated by a hurricane and swept clean in 18xx.  What a shame.  It makes me wonder what the architecture would look like if that hadn't happened.

By the way, we heard that the anchoring ordinance in Stuart/Martin County Florida was rejected by FWC!  Hooray!!! That, plus the developments in Marathon are certainly victories for boaters.  

One of the remaining sore spots about Marathon is the $22 daily rate for boats anchored out to use the dinghy dock.  I know of no place that's higher.  More typical is Beaufort.  Here, the dinghy dock is free, and the fee for use of City Marina's excellent and clean shower rooms is only $1.  

We'll stay here until Thursday morning, then head up closer to Charleston.

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  1. Congrats on your Beaufort trip- truly inspiring! Aside from boating, do you have a favourite cruise line? Can you feature it next post? Hope you will find it interesting.. Thank you.


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