Thursday, April 12, 2012

What We're Missing, What We're Getting

Saint Augustine, Florida

Urban life, country life.  Which is better?  There is no answer to that question.  It's a never ending tug between one an the other.   Although both have advantages, Libby and I lean toward the country side.  As a great example, look at the wonderful sunset we saw at anchor far away from other people in Florida Bay.


On the other hand, we're having fun in Saint Augustine.  Few cities offer more variety and more interesting history than Saint Augustine.  Walking in the narrow alleys looking at the old houses is great fun.  Watching the tourist is fun, and there are lots of them to watch.

Tonight we're having dinner with our friends Crhis and June from Albion, who spent the winter here, and with Karl & Laura from Ekotopia who we've been traveling with since Vero.
What are we giving up to be here?  Well, we could be spending today on Cumberland Island.  That island, like Valcour Island on Champlain, is food for the soul.  

Why can't we do both?  Because we wasted so much time getting here.  We have places we want to be in the coming two months, so we have to choose a subset of all the things we want to do.  Life is hard on cruisers, isn't it?

Tomorrow, maybe Saturday, we'll go out to sea and head for Beaufort. If that works, we'll be in fine shape to meet Sten-Örjan  on the 21st.

post script:  I just had an exquisitely delicious croissant in the Hot Shot Bakery in downtown Saint Augustine.  It was worth a two day wait.  That's something you can't find in rural settings.

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