Monday, May 21, 2012


New Bern, NC
35 05.91 N 077 01.95 W

Even though we have been living the life of cruisers for more than seven years, I never felt fulfilled.  The problem was the promotional video made to sell Westsails in the 1970s.  In that video, the skipper of the W32 had a wonderful jaunty cap that made him look so very  nautical. I thought, that one can't truly be a cruiser without a cap like that one.  See the picture.

I always wanted a cap like that and I asked Libby several times to get one as a present.  The trouble is that most stores don't sell stuff like that and searching for "jaunty hat" on the Internet won't produce useful results.  Thankfully, today Libby found almost exactly the right cap as a used clothes store here in New Bern.

What do you think?  (p.s. for smart alecs.  I'm not claiming that I'm jaunty, just that the cap is jaunty.)



  1. You know, I had a cap like that in college. I still miss that cap. Maybe that's what has been missing all these years...

  2. Great Tee Shirt, but it just doesn't contribute to the overall Jauntyness.

  3. We think it works.
    J & W

  4. Some hats can only be worn if you're willing to be jaunty, to set them at an angle and to walk beneath them with a spring in your stride as if you're only a step away from dancing. They demand a lot of you.”
    ― Neil Gaiman, Anansi Boys

  5. Clearly jaunty! Be people are going to want to buy your Westsail asnd sail into the sunset!


  6. I think what you have there is your classic Greek Fisherman's Cap. I bought mine in the late 1970s. Very fashionable in cool weather. In Savannah, I wear a pith helmet. :)

  7. Dick - I think you look very jaunty in your new hat.


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