Friday, May 11, 2012

Mystery Object

New Bern, NC
35 05.91 N 077 01.95 W 

Yesterday we spent a nice day with George and Carol from the cruising vessel Traumeri.  Their land-based residence is here near New Bern.  It was fun.  Thank you much George and Carol.

While we were there, I used George's wood working shop to make the object in the picture below.  It is something I've needed on the boat for a long time, but I couldn't make myself without woodworking tools.  So now I'm making it a blog reader's contest.   What is that object called?  What is it used for?  Post your answer as a comment.  I'm confident that my knowledgeable readers will get the answer within minutes.

p.s. If you want one of those, I have two extras and George has three.


  1. Is it one of those flash things that photographers used back in the 1800s? You know, they'd stick their head under the cover to take a photo and there'd be a big flash and a puff of smoke?

  2. Is it a crutch for the boom to sit in when you are not sailing?
    James F
    Birmingham United Kingdom

  3. to worm, parcel serve and protect. Where do you use it on your boat?

  4. Hull scraper to remove the cling-ons?

  5. I've got it! It's your peg leg!
    I bet you've got a parrot that sits on your shoulder and squawks "pieces of eight!" too?!

    Birmingham, United Kingdom

  6. Old Sea Salt's pecker crutch.

  7. brake for your prop shaft?

  8. something for "pleasure"....


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