Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flame The Band

Waterford, NY
42.79N 073.68 W

I mentioned that there would be a free concert in Scotia right next .   to the dock.   We went over there last night and were completely surprised.  The band was comprised of six developmentally disabled adults.   Their music however was terrific, and there was an enthusiastic bunch of small kids enthusiastically dancing.

Libby thought that she recognized some of the performers.  After all, she worked at Schenectady (and Saratoga) County ARC and this is Schenectady county.   After checking, we found that no, this group was from Fulton County.

What a great idea though.  All of us, Libby and I included, can so easily underestimate what they can accomplish, and what hidden talents they might have.  My sister is similarly disabled.  She lives in a group home near here.  Libby has many years working with disabled adults.  We're both very familiar with their uniqueness and their problems.  Both of us though were dumfounded at the accomplishments of this band.

Here is a picture of the concert.  The web site for the band is here, and the story of their origin is here.  I urge you to read it. Nobel prizes aren't given for such things, but whoever initiated this band deserves some kind of prestigious prize.  Don't you think?

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  1. Michelle King is the lead singer. She used to come to my open mic nights at my coffee house in Gloversville. She's autistic, but has a wonderful gift in her music.

    Before the open mic, I used to have professionals play. I booked a duo from Albany to play three sets. After the first set, the lead singer lost his voice to laryngitis and couldn't sing. Michelle was in the audience, I explained her condition and I told him she could fill in. He was skeptical. He showed her his playlist and asked if she knew any of the songs. Michelle, of course, knew ALL of the songs. She sand the last two sets and blew the roof off the place.

    Then they asked Michelle if she'd like to join the band. :)


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