Sunday, June 03, 2012


Elizabeth City, NC
36 17.92 N 076 13.09 W

The delay caused by our heat exchanger caused and is still causing frustration.   If we left on schedule, we could have gone out to sea Friday night and we would have been in NYC by Monday.  

Today especially would have been a glorious day at sea.   Blue sky, great temperature, and great wind speed and direction.  We might have had a shot at matching our best day ever -- 180 nautical miles in 24 hours.  As is was, we had a very nice day motoring Saturday and a great day sailing today, albeit on the ICW.   It was perhaps our fastest transit of the North Carolina ICW.

Enough whining.  There were two very good reasons why we should not be out at sea today.  

First, with all the work and all the modifications we did on Tarwathie, a good trial run was needed before putting out to sea.   Others call them sea trials, we call them before-sea trials.  So far so good, everything seems to be working as it should, including the new engine cooling system.

Second, I'm a bit sick.  For the past 5-6 days  I've had gastric distress and diahre dyrea direathe the shits.  Given that, it was probably best not be offshore.   We just put in to Elizabeth City and my first stop was a drug store to buy Pepto Bismo.  Hopefully, that will fix my problem.

The frustrating part is that it looks like a whole week before favorable winds come again.   We're running short of time to make it for Sara's graduation on June 23 in Boonville, NY

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