Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Hiding Out

Deep Creek, Virginia
36 44.85 N  N 076 20.50 W

We got up early so that we could have a long, slow, liesurely ride up the Dismal Swamp Canal all by ourselves.   It was great.

Now we are just inside the fringe of the very dense urban area of Portsmouth/Norfolk Virginia.  

We're going to hide out here for two days to avoid a big festival going on in Portsmouth/Norfolk Harbors.  Opsail 2012 is a very big deal with tall ships, all the US Navy boats in the area, and thousands of spectator boats.  

We avoid all festivals, and boat shows because of the crowds.   We learned that local people who planned coming months in advance find all the good spots, and reserve anything reservable.  That leaves poor cruisers like us who just come in happenstance with little to choose from.  Best to avoid it.

We'll stay here at the Deep Creek Lock for two nights.  On the second night however, Karl and Laura from SV Ekotopia are going to join us for dinner.   They live nearby in Portsmouth.

On Friday, we'll move to Hampton, VA at the city dock where I managed to snag a reservation for one night.  

On Saturday, we hope to meet with Bob and Sandra from Carpe Diem.  After that, the plan is to go out to sea and to be in NYC before Tuesday night when the winds shift to the north again.

FLASH: I just rechecked the weather.  Everything has changed.  Now it seems that we should leave Thursday night and be in NYC before sunset on Sunday.  Ay ay ay -- we may have to junk all those plans.

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