Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rest Days

Saugerties, NY
40 36.56 N 074 02.73 W

We made it from Oriental, NC to here in only 8 days.  That was pretty good progress.  Now, we're ready for a couple of down days to rest up.  Espous Creek in Saugerties is a great place to do that.

We are in a superbly sheltered anchorage.   We are anchored at the base of a cliff higher than the mast.   We are surrounded on all sides by steep hills several hundred feet high.  This is a great place, except in the event of a rain storm such as Irene last year that turned these creeks into surging rages of white water.  See the picture.

Saugerties itself is a village that somehow escaped the fate of most NY rust belt cities.  It thrives.  Perhaps it is an artist colony.  Perhaps it benefits from proximity to the site of the 1960's rock concert at Woodstock.  We really don't know.  We just enjoy being here; it's fun.

We are preparing the boat to take the mast down tomorrow at .   Iin Catskill.   Our friend Lyle who works there has been reading this blog for the past year.   When the year comes that we choose to go elsewhere in the summer, Lyle will be disappointed.

Today, I'm going to work on the June issue of Windblown, the Westsail newsletter of which I'm editor.  It isn't due until next week, but next week will be busy.  In 10 days we need to be in Rome for Sara's graduation.


  1. Dick,
    Love the blog, and I like reading about your trips up the canal, but next year I really, really want to read about you guys going back to Maine!


  2. Dick and Libby I was only helping out last fall but I will stop down after work on Wed. I am leaving for Croton on Thur. and the year you decide on going elsewhere I will not be disappointed but follow you on your blog
    PS only 4 years to retirement when I will be cruising.


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