Thursday, June 07, 2012

Tarwathie? What Does That Mean?

Deep Creek, Virginia
36 44.85 N N 076 20.50 W

A name like Tarwathie we get to repeat over and over again on the radio, and to spell it when understanding fails.  The most frequent question we get is, "How do you pronounce that?"  The follow up question is usually, "What does that mean?"

We answer, "A town in Scotland."  That's true, but the more truthy answer is that she is named after a song.  The song is "The Ballad of Tarwathie."  Judy Collins did the best know performance.  You can see her perform it in the embedded video below.  It really is a lovely song, and Ms. Collins' voice is so pretty.

p.s. Going out to sea tonight.  Hopefully 48 hours to New York City.  Our biggest obstacle is to punch through the estimated one million people and countless boats in Norfolk watching Opsail 2012.  Wish us luck.


  1. Beautiful. You inspired me to buy some Judy Collins Albums. All these years and I have never purchased any of her music.

  2. Haughtily beautiful. Makes me want to go sailing!


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