Friday, June 01, 2012

Three Steps Forward Again

Sailcraft Boatyard, Oriental, NC
35 01.97 N 076 41.11 W

On Thursday, Tarwathie was on the Travel Lift on Thursday, ready to splash.  See the picture.  You can almost see her smile.  15 minutes later she was frowning mightily because of our heat exchanger problems.

Well, we waited two antsy days for the replacement parts to come from Beta Marine.  They came today at 1830.   I was doubly antsy because darkness was approaching and so were some severe thunderstorms.  My plan was to install the new stuff, put everything back together, put in new anti freeze, then see if the engine would run with cooling and without leaks.

Well, it is 2030 now, and all those things are accomplished.  Tarwathie is smiling once again. So is Libby.  So am I.

Darkness will  be here in 15 minutes, and the the thunderstorms in another hour.   We'll stay at the dock tonight and tomorrow resume our northward migration!!!!

By the way, I think I figured out the real cause of the trouble.  It was not what I said the other day.   I'll post more details later.  Right now, a  belated supper should be waiting.

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  1. Robin's Beta engine had a new heat exhcnager put in last year. I had been negligent in changing the zinc, and that allowed the corrosion. It was so far gone that I didn't trust that I could do the repairs myself and I hired the yard. It was $1200 for the part and $1200 for the labor. That hurt. Now I have many spar zincs for the heat exchanger and plan frequent inspections to be certain there is plenty of zinc in there doing its job.


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