Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back Where We Belong

Valcour Island
44 37.35 N 073 24.45 W

Well, I've got to say that our 2012 cruising agenda is complete. We have returned to our most treasured of favorite places --- Valcour. We have a long list of favorites tired for second place, but Valcour has no peer.

I write many times before about Valcour. Did I ever explain that our attachment to this place far precedes our cruising life. In fact it was a major factor in leading us to the life choice to live as cruisers.

My first time on Valcour Island must have been around 1978. I was with my son John on our Clipper 26 engaged in my first ever attempt at independent cruising. Libby and I had chartered in the Virgins before but that is not the same. Anyhow, John and I did not go ashore that night but we were enchanted by the beauty anyhow. That spot sits only 100 yards from where we suit today.

One week cruises on Champlain in the first week of .October became a family tradition after that. In addition to Valcour, we fell in love with Burlington and a decade later we moved the family there.

During the years we lived in Vermont, we didn't own a boat. Still, we managed to get time off to visit Valcour. Later still, when we had an empty best in New York, we staged some one week camping vacations on Valcour in October. Sometimes it was Libby and I. Other times just me and the dog.

Since cruising, this is our 8th sumner on Tarwathie and our 6th time on Champlain and perhaps our (my) 30th (40th) visit to Valcour.

Valcour is uninhabited. They won't let us live here. Too bad.

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