Monday, July 30, 2012

Family Ties

Chazy Landing, NY
44 53.23 N 73 22.7 W

Chazy Landing is usually the northernmost extent of our annual migration.  I like to say that our sandbox is 25 degrees North to 45 degrees North, but actually 44 degrees 44 minutes is as close as we get to 45.

You see, Chazy Landing holds a special place in our hearts.  Libby spent many summers in her youth there with her Uncle Robert, Aunt Elizabeth, and cousins Jane, Susan and Bobby.  Even I got to spend some wonderful summer visits there.  Best of all, as a family, we made the northern sojourn to Chazy Landing for Thanksgiving dinners many times.  Those are magical  memories.

Today, Libby's Cousin Jane is the only one living there full time.  We take great delight going there to visit Jane.

Jane's House seen from the lake.
Libby and Jane
The lake and Tarwathie as seen from Jane's porch.
A bit of the local history.

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