Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gratification Denied

En Route, Lake Champlain
44 23.38 N 073 21.13 W

There's lots of things we like about Champlain.  Yet I can't deny that one of those things drives us to return here year after year.   That one thing is the swell of exhilaration in our chests when we once again see the mountains on both sides seen from the middle of the lake.   The feeling lasts only a minute or so, but in that minute I feel that my soul has been recharged with lust for life enough to last me another whole year.   I'm not religious, but that rush of feeling I must describe as religious like.

During the years when I had an office in downtown Burlington, I got to experience that rush very briefly as my car crested the hill near UVM.  I could see the Adirondacks in front of me, and the Green Mountains in the rear view mirror, but only for a second or two.  Even that brief daily dose was enough to make me fall in love with Vermont.

I don't know if Libby would use the same words, or experiences it to the same intensity, but I am sure that she too is energized by the sight.

This year we have been denied that sight so far.  I thought today would be our day.  We're sailing northward up the lake.  The humidity is low and the visibility is high.  But no :-(  we see the Adirondacks fine in all their glory, but looking East, the Green Mountains in Vermont are all obscured by a heavy haze.  We see the silhouettes of the mountains, but not the mountains themselves.

I'll let you know when our longing for the view is satisfied.

p.s. To show you how wonderful the sight is would require a 360 panorama in extremely high resolution.   I'm afraid that's beyond my photographic limits.

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