Saturday, August 18, 2012

Can There Be A Nicer Spot?

Vergennes, VT
44 10.17 N 073 15.48 W

I took this picture this morning as I sat on a park bench enjoying my morning coffee.  Tarwathie's bowsprit is just visible. What a delightful place Vergennes is.

Where else can you anchor or dock at the base of such a picturesque waterfall?   At night, the falls are illuminated by colored lights that makes them look pretty indeed.

Add to that history.  Tarwathie sits on the exact spot where Commodore MacDonough's warships were launched.  The commodore and those ships later met the British at the key American victory of the battle of Plattsburg in 1814.

Add to that the fact that Vergennes provides what Skipper Bob's guides like to call FREE DOCK, complete with electricity and water.

Add to that the elegantly beautiful Bixby library only two block away, and the village green four blocks away where we watch the summer concerts.  A block past that is the Vergennes opera house where they have actual opera as well as other thespian stuff.  

Add to that the absolutely beautiful trip up Otter creek to get here.  I've blogged about that several times.

Add to that several nice restaurants, a supermarket, laundromat, and hardware store all within walking distance.

Add to that surrounding country roads fun to hike and offering stunning scenery.

Good grief.  What's not to like.

So while on Champlain, we visit lots of places but we keep returning to our top four for repeated visits.

  1. Vergennes as I just described.
  2. Valcour Island beloved for its stunning natural beauty.
  3. Burlington, for family (Jenny lives there), plus cosmopolitan city life.  I think Burlington, San Francisco and Montreal are the three most cosmopolitan places in North America.
  4. Porter Bay for splendid isolation, views, and nature watching, and a comfortable place to wait out storms.  We sat out Irene in Porter Bay last year.  


  1. Hey Dick, I haven't sailed up there in years, but if I recall correctly, the entrance to Otter Creek was shoaling in pretty good. Did you have any trouble finding your way in there?

  2. Hello Dick!

    Your description of your 4 favored spots at the north end of your migration resonate and sound absolutely wonderful. I hope you enjoy them completely for the duration of time you're at L. Champlain. I also like that you, like me, appreciate both nature and the less spoiled end of things as well as appreciate those places that are cosmopolitan and make being around lots of other people truly enjoyable vs. just some large, poorly platted, populous city with no public transportation or plan. Your home is mobile, why NOT spend a mix of time enjoying both ends of the spectrum?

    With envy,
    Portland, OR


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