Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ferris Rock Theory

My friend and blog reader Mike sent this lucid and evocative theory about Ferris Rock. Thank you very much Mike.

Hi Dick,

picture a dry enviorment,millions of years ago,now picture errosion,rain,sun,water filling a canyon..or depression formed by plate movement, there stands a probably much larger ferris rock. now picture a wetter climate, much rain, the canyon fills with water and forms a huge lake,much like today.

Then the climate changes once it always does, it gets colder, the lake is now frozen and ferris rock it trapped in the ice. It gets colder still and glaciers form. A new climate cycle begins, it starts to warm melting the last ice age glaciers, as the glaciers retreat..they do indeedgrind any rock in their path and as it slides over the top of the frozen lake,it deposits a huge field of rock.

The lake remains frozen and the glacire passes over the frozen surface as the lake which was frozen before or during the creation of the glaciers. physics state that cold goes down and because the lake was at a lower elevation it stayed frozen longer than the retreating glaciers.

Then, the climate continues to warm, the lake also thaws, the huge field of ground up rock sinks the bottom of the lake and litters the now existing shore line. Viola, the result of more than one known climate change...perhaps next in the cycle..serously warm...ferris rock will once again look just like those pillars in Utah.

thats my logical theory, and im stickin to it !

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