Thursday, August 02, 2012


Vergennes, VT
44 10.17 N 073 15.48 W

A while back I wrote that there were fewer boats on the lake this year.  Well, now the Canadian vacation season is in full swing and the Quebecois are out in full force.  It makes us feel isolated.  Here in Vergennes for the third day, there have been maybe 25 other boats that came to visit.  Not one of them spoke English.

We're hoping to see Pierre and Christina aboard "Anvil of the Sea". They are among our favorite Quebecois and their English is excellent. We've met them twice before, both times in Vergennes.

I found Radiolabs, a radio program, new to me.  It has outstanding stories and in-depth reporting on a variety of interesting topics.  I dare say it might be the best radio program I can remember ever.  If your public radio station doesn't carry it, you can find podcasts here.   There is a long list of past episodes. For starters try this episode about time  or merely click below.

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