Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stop Whining Already

South Burlington, Vermont

Several times this summer I whined about not having clear views of the mountains from the lake.   Well, now I'll have to shut up because yesterday and today the air is marvelously clear.  We could see the mountains just fine.

By the way, my definition of clear is that we can see the colors of the trees on the mountain slopes 30 miles away,   At midday, we could see both the eastern slopes of the Green Mountains and the western slopes do The Adirondack Mountains.  God it was great.

We took a very leisurely sail from Valcour down to the southern end of Shelburne Bay.  I say leisurely, because our speed was only 2.5 knots.  It was a great day.  

Shelburne Bay is the site of our famous rainbow picture.   This time however we sailed all the way down to the bottom of the bay to a place we haven't been to in many years.  The last time there, our anchor dragged in the middle of the night and we had a hard time finding an alternate place to anchor secure from a strong south wind. It was not a pleasant memory.

This time it was much nicer.  In the first place, we now have Bessie so we are not worried about dragging.  In the second place, I met the harbor master of the nearby Shelburne mooring field.  Would you believe he reads this blog.  Anyhow, he was very nice.  Third, I sat in the suspended chair and watched the Wednesday sailboat races of the Shelburne Yacht Club.  That was great fun.  Come to think of it, the past three times I watched sailboats race were in Shelburne Bay.

Big family weekend coming up.  Coming to Jenny's house will by our son John, granddaughters Katelyn and Victoria, my sister Nancy, our niece √Član, and guests Natalie and Max.  They all want to go sailing.

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