Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Other View

Vergennes, VT
44 10.17 N 073 15.48 W

We meet very few cruisers on the lake.  Most of them are inhibited from coming here because they must take the mast down to get here.  We find that socially, we have much more in common with other cruisers and we find it easier to socialize with them than with the day sailors or the vacation-only cruisers.

Vergennes is the one place where we do meet other cruisers. This weekend we met three on trawlers and one former cruiser from Minnesota who uses a trailerable sailboat to go on shorter cruises around the country.   It was fun trading stories with all of them.

Usually, when we visit Vergennes, the dinghy is up on deck.  This time it is in the water so I decided to use it to get a closer look at the falls and hydro plants.   The last picture was taken from the falls  looking back at the park where Tarwathie is docked.  Sorry about the water drop on the camera lens.

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  1. Dick,
    Can I get up there with a 6' draft at this low water?
    Thanks ,

  2. Sorry, a couple of other questions.....Porter Bay, isnt it real weedy? Is it protected from N and S? 6' daft OK?

    We keep our Catalina 36 in Willsboro.



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