Wednesday, September 12, 2012

End of a Chapter

Vergennes, Vermont

Regular readers know all about Jen's project to transform an old Winnoski, Vermont library into a luxury private home.  Jen's blog is here.  Well, I'm happy to report that on the morning after their unveiling cocktail party (below) they received a firm offer to buy the place.  The closing was yesterday.  The deal is done.  Libby and I are immensely proud of our real estate tycoon daughter.

Actually, Jen does a lot of things to be proud of.  She works at a bank part time.  She runs a very busy business in gardening and landscaping.   She's active in the Friends of UVM's hort farm.  Until yesterday she also put in huge efforts into the library project.  In her spare time she buys stuff at local auctions and sells it on Ebay.   She works so hard at so many things, it makes my head spin.  She lives a very modern life style, quite unlike my career.   Instead of one all-consuming regular job and career line, she has many.  It is much more fluid and dynamic than my (and probably your) working life styles.  However, I can point to the fact that she followed my (bad? good?) habit of working extremely long hours, seven days per week.

p.s.  The Cooper, a Monk 36 pulled in behind us.  We know Ralph and Betty from previous meetings in Florida.  We also have common cruising friends.  Also on the docks are some of our favorite Quebecois cruising friends George and Lise on board.  We've met them often on Champlain and on the Calosahatchee River in Florida.    There are not many actual cruisers on Champlain, but Vergennes is the main place to go to meet those that are here.  The secret is because of the favorite two words in the Skipper Bob cruising guides -- Free Docks!

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  1. Ah, to have the energy of youth! I got tired just reading it.


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