Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Happy Travelers

En Route Warmward, Champlain Canal
43 20.48 N 073 30.09 W

We are so happy to be en route once again.   Yesterday around noon the new damper plate arrived.  Kieth Longtin, our trusty mechanic, came down, put everything back together, we made a few adjustment, and everything worked.  No parts left over.   We heartily endorse Kieth to all cruisers who need mechanic services near Whitehall.

We got underway around 3.  The canal locks close at 5 this time of year, but we did make it 13 miles down to Lock 9 before dark.  Lock 9 is  a very rural location, totally quiet and still.

Today we hope to make it as far as Mechanicville and then on Wednesday to Waterford.  Waterford will be our major provisioning stop between now and Deep Creek Virginia.  As you can imagine, our provisions are a bit depleted after 2.5 weeks since visiting a supermarket.

The weather is a bit milder than recent days and the fall colors are beautiful.  That's a side benefit to our delay.  However, the forecast calls for 4 more consecutive days of cold and rain.  In this case though, I don't think it will dampen our spirits.  

Best case scenario, mast up on Friday, Statue of Liberty by Sunday night, and departure for Norfolk on the first window starting Monday morning.  Arrival in Virginia's warm weather, 48 hours after departure.  The wait time for a window though is indeterminate.


  1. Excellent! Waterford is my home town to boot! And you probably know that Price Chopper in Lansingburgh has a dock. Well, at least it used too. Don't know after Irene.

    You should have some nice fall colors for your trip south too, so everything worked out well.

  2. Glad you are once again under way, Dick though I get that leaving when in the midst of Autumn beauty is developing must be difficult in it's own way. Migrations aren't urgent, but delays in them make for urgency, and I'm glad you're now able to head for "warmer"!

    Portland, OR


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