Friday, October 12, 2012

Interesting Sights

Elizabeth City, North Carolina

36 18.81 N 076 13.10 W

Today is laundry and hot showers day for the crew of Tarwathie. I thought I would post two of the more interesting things we've seen along the way recently.


This is the rooftop garden on the airport parking lot building in South Burlington, Vermont, near Jen's house. Jen and Libby are inspecting it. The garden is very pretty and seemingly free from the need for maintenance. Very skillful gardening suitable for the application. Maybe Jen will comment telling us the species.



That car with the Jerilea Zempel Homeland Security Blanket is certainly strange and curiious. We found it beside the public dock in Athens, NY. Google it to learn the strange and curios story behind it.

P.s. reader Summer Wind Suggests that we take a side trip to Edenton. We were there once before. It is a jewel. I think maybe we will do that tomorrow.


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