Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Project List, First Draft

New Bern, NC

Here is the first draft of our boat project list. It is still a work in progress. In fact, since printing the list below, we added new items 53-70. No doubt the list will grow to 100 items before we are done.

This morning I completed #18 and #7. Libby is mostly through with #32, #45, and #70.

Yesterday I ordered materials for #30, the non-skid deck resurfacing. Just the materials cost $300; yikes! Ithink that is the biggest of the projects.

ITEM Who Date Started Date Finished
1 anchor pipe replacement Dick 10/19/10 10/19/10
2 Bowsprit & Boomkin paint Dick

3 Bowsprit nut replace Dick

4 Buy a car Both

5 Buy diesel Jerry can Dick 10/19/10
6 Buy stuffing box nut for the head? Dick

7 cabin table piano hinge Dick

8 Canvas – bimini Libby

9 Canvas – cockpit cushions Libby

10 Canvas – dodger Libby

11 Canvas – Jerry cans Libby

12 Canvas – mainsail cover Libby

13 Canvas – tiller cover Libby

14 Clean & paint engine compartment Dick

15 Clean & wax hull Libby

16 Clevis Pins, furler & monitor Dick

17 Furler line cleat Dick

18 Install speakers Dick

19 Interior paint Libby

20 Interior varnish Libby

21 Inventory & prune tools Dick

22 Inventory spare parts Both

23 Linoleum, galley Dick

24 Monitor rehab? Dick

25 Monitor sell? Dick

26 Mount wiring box in the head Dick

27 new cartridges, life harnesses Dick

28 new horn? Dick

29 New lifelines Dick

30 Non-skid Dick

31 organize nav table stuff Dick

32 Polish stainless Libby 10/17/12
33 Re-bed the turtle Dick

34 Repair caprail & hull Dick

35 Repair or Replace Wash-down Pump Dick

36 Repair radar Dick

37 Rewire VHF-AM/FM Dick

38 Rubbing compound, exterior white Libby

39 Sail – clean & mend jib Dick

40 Sail – clean & mend mainsail Dick

41 Sail – clean staysail Libby

42 Sand & Varnish all exterior Both

43 Sell old transmission Dick

44 Take stuff to Dave's Both

45 Wash exterior teak Libby 10/17/12
46 Washer for new transmission dipstick Dick

47 Whisker Pole Dick

48 Toilet stuffing box nut Dick

49 Offload stuff to Dave's house Dick

50 Buy paint supplies Dick 10/20/12
51 Buy solar panel Dick 10/20/12
52 Install solar panel Dick


  1. Your comments on nonskid got me thinking about an artificial teak to replace the real stuff on Robin, which is awfully worn and must be a source of the dampness that often invades the forepeak and V-berth. I don't see on your list of projects an indication whether you've dismissed the idea of artificial teak. I'll be interested to learn your thoughts on the subject. My limited research so far doesn't answere any number of questions I have, particularly concerning durability of the various products. Has anyone you know with a Westsail gone that route?

  2. Sorry Dick,
    Just getting back to reading after a few days of being away. Regarding #4, "Buy a car", that seems a decidedly lubberly thing to do, particularly amongst all of those boat projects. You're not moving ashore, are you?


    P.S. Doesn't seem like you can lash it to the foredeck ;-).

  3. Uh... just read last Monday's blog entry which explains the car thing. Wish I had done so before I had posted the previous comment. ;-) Cruising by car sounds like a great idea and I can imagine that after spending so much time on a boat a little terra firma might be a welcome respite. I wish you luck in your land travels, and whatever your adventures might be I look forward to reading about them here.


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